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Asset Management
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Minutes – P5 Synchronize clones files for immediate availability without restore
Hours – P5 Backup and P5 Backup2Go create security copies of the files for a quick restore
Hours/Days – P5 Archive migrates files to tape and saves online storage space
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Index - Track - Backup - Transcode - Conform - Archive - Restore
A serious backup and archive toolkit for creative teams and professionals
Innovative peripheral products for desktop and portable computers including computer back-up and docking solutions as well as cutting-edge products featuring Thunderbolt™
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Tape library and archive solutions that provide effortless, automated backup combining flexibility, density, high-performance and affordability to ensure that data is protected faster, smarter, easier and more cost effectively.
Spectra’s tape library family delivers the industry’s best combination of  capacity, performance, scalability, reliability, support and affordability.