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Broken macbook pro warranties

Top Rated Extended Warranty Plan!

  • Covers Liquid Spills, Drops & Impact Damage
  • 100% Comprehensive Parts & Labor Protection
  • Covers Factory Malfunctions & Power Surges
  • Fully renewable, Fully transferable
  • Full International Coverage Wherever You Are!
  • If We Cant Fix it, We Replace It!

 The CPS extended warranty coverage covers your Macbook for an extra 2 to 4 years beyond Apple’s manufacturer’s warranty period. This means you get top notch warranty protection for your Macbook to protect you from drops, spills, cracks and any physical damage. AppleCare doesn’t cover physical or liquid damage.

The CPS extended warranty coverage for Macbooks is the best in the industry, with thousands of service centers nationwide and authorized Apple technicians. They cover all models including Macbook Air, Pro & others as well.